Birthday:6 -17-1964
Height:5' 8"
Weight:ERROR thats what every scale reads before it cracks!
Measurements:You will have to see the pictures to believe!!
Favorite Color:Blue
Favorite Foods:Hot Wings, Steak or anything I dont have to cook
Favorite Saying: Dominate by nature, Sweet by choice.
Favorite Drink: Zombies but I do love my beer as well
Favorite Position: Doggy
Favorite Actors: Denzel Washington and Hugh Grant
Favorite Actress: The late great Nell Carter
Favorite Actress: The late great Nell Carter
Favorite Music: I love just about all types of music.But depending on the surroundings if I want a slow grind or fast tempo
Location: South Ga but being as I am a gypsy you never know where I will turn up so boys keep your eyes open
Likes: A sense of humor , someone thats down to earth and knows how to treat a massive sized lady if he has a nice accent thats a huge plus
Dislikes: buildings with stairs and no elevator or men that think they are Gods gift to women, selfish, players
Favorite Things To Do: Flaunt my body. read and make people smile and enjoy a nice day at the beach
Spare Time Favs: Watching sports while having a cold beer, reality t.v, playing with my lil dog Jiggy, reading or working puzzles
My Perfect Date: It all involves nature, if it is cold or rainy out I would like a nice dark place with soft music or a fireplace. If it is warm I would love to be able to see the stars sparkle and light up my dates eyes.

I am just a sweet sexy southern girl that was raised up with 3 square meals a day that made me round lol. Although I have always been on the heavy side I did not always like my weight. All that changed when I met a guy(Danny) in yahoo and he asked me to join his group. With one click of the mouse a star was born so to speak.When I seen how the men adored women of size I knew I had found my place in life. Now I model not only to flaunt my huge lovely body but also to let other women know if I can do it so can you!! I love being the life of the party but most the time I just want to kick back for a nice quiet evening at home. I hope you get as much fun out of watching me as I get out of showing all my curves off to you